Friday, February 7, 2014

अआआआआआआआआअ आआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआआअ आआआ
“The alaap that opens a raga, and the pace in which it is improvised, taught me all that I needed to know about sequencing a body of work and building up a narrative” 
                     Dayanita Singh

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life's a Dance!

The past week has been full of shows, as a major contemporary dance festival is under way in Bangalore. We have seen dancers doing the most unbelievable things with their bodies; contortions, twists, jumps, loops, using all of ballet and going beyond it to incorporate manga, hip hop and martial arts. Where does such flexibility come from? Hours and hours of work must go into not only entering the mind of these complex themes, but also in crafting the bodies that execute and interpret them through movement. 

Monday, November 5, 2012



our hill women work in the field, fetch firewood and water, keep the heritage of songs

Les Mousquetaires

Quite a thrill to see St Germain, and Hotel de Ville, and other landmarks de Dumas


There is no writer's block in a newsroom. There's only unemployment block. 
- Carl Hiaase

Jaitapur meets Chernobyl

Recipe: take a flourishing ecosystem. Add some nuclear ambitions. Voila!

[If you are interested in knowing more about the anti-nuclear agitation in India, please read here]